Greg Rigamer

We work with serious candidates to win elections.  We have a lot of experience, great data, and the best technology available to support candidates in local, state and federal elections.  We model the election to better understand what will be required to win - turnout, votes cast by party, race, gender and age.  From this, we help define and organize the campaign effort, and we identify voters who are most likely to participate.  We message the voter to promote our candidate or issue throughout the campaign. Then we help mobilize the voters for early voting and on Election Day.   We enjoy the process, do it well, and our candidates win way more often than not.   Try us and see for yourself. 

What do we do? We help you win!

 More specifically, we

  • Model the race
  • Organize the campaign
  • Identify the desired voters
  • Communicate the message
  • Mobilize the voters

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